Below you will find links to many of the resources that we will use to develop the content for the exhibition and publication.  You will note that the majority of these are from Osage community members.  We invite you to share additional materials by contacting Dan Swan through the form at the bottom of this page.

Oral History

University of Oklahoma

Doris Duke Collection- Osage Wedding Interviews

  1. Rose Albert Hill interview
  2. Myrtle Unap interview
  3. Mr. and Mrs. Whitehorn interview

Elonschka Oral History Project, Morris Lookout and John Henry Mashunkashay. 1986. White Hair Memorial, Ralson. Tape recordings on deposit.


Oklahoma Historical Society

F2011.012.060 Indian Wedding Ceremony

Grayhorse In-Lon-Schka Paying for the Drum, Osage News

Grayhorse Paying for the Drum

Print Resources

La Flesche, Francis, “Osage Marriage Customs.” American Anthropologist 14 (1):127-130.

La Flesche Wedding

Waller, Marguerite, “Osages were Not Afraid to Die,” in, Reflections of Early Day Hominy, pp. 9-11. Hominy, OK.

Waller Article

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