Osage Tribal Museum-7

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Osage Tribal Museum P01-2315

Osage Tribal Museum

Osage Tribal Museum P01-2017

Osage Tribal Museum

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3 Responses to Osage Tribal Museum-7

  1. Ericca Unap-Dennis says:

    Photo P01-2017
    I believe this may be a photo of my grandmothers marriage to Albert Maker around September 1936!
    I am 100% certain this is the farm house owned by my great grandfather, Robert Morrell and his wife Grace Penn Morrell. The bride, my grandmother Myrtle Morrell-Unap, was 17 years old. Her husband Albert was 16 at the time of this marriage. This was the last Osage couple to have a truly arranged and a full traditional Osage wedding. Both were full-blooded Osages. There is a full interview written about this wedding day. http://digital.libraries.ou.edu/whc/duke/transcripts/T-340.pdf
    I can spot my grandfather, Robert Morrell, on the porch wearing the hat and white shirt.


  2. Cindy says:

    My grandmother was Pearl Bigheart. She is the one standing to the right of your grandfather, leaning up against the pillar. She’s not wearing the traditional clothing. I could be wrong…but I don’t think so. And, it seems like I was told that she was related to the Morrell’s somehow. My grandmother would never talk about her past so I know very little.


  3. Mary Joan Monetathchi says:

    The lady to Aunt Myrtle’s left is my Great Aunt, Mary Morrell Russell, and the lady to her left is my Grandmother, Nellie Morrell Roubidioux. Both were her aunts on her father’s side, sisters of her father, Bob Morrell. I am pretty sure that the third lady to Aunt Myrtle’s left is Mae Penn Trumbly (a relative of Aunt Myrtle’s mother, Grace Penn Morell). Both my grandmother and my aunt spoke of this event to my sisters and me. Thank you Ms. Erica, I have never seen this photograph. We come from fullblood people, and it is very endearing to know that you have a desire to know who we are. I appreciate you and encourage your efforts. I am Jerome Barnes’ third daughter, Mary Barnes Monetathchi.


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