Informed Consent

Introduction: This project is sponsored by the Sam Noble Museum, University of Oklahoma. The contact information for the project appears in the right column of this page. Please contact Dr. Swan with any questions or concerns regarding this study. Please read this information and check a consent box before participating in the online elements of  this project.

Purpose of the Study: The purpose of this study is to use photographs, archival sources and interviews with Osage community members to document the traditional Osage wedding ceremony and it’s more recent incorporation into the “Paying for the Drum” celebrations at the Elonshka dances. This information will be used to develop a collaborative museum exhibition that will be displayed at the Osage Tribal Museum and at the Sam Noble Museum.

Procedures: If you agree to assist with this project, you need to check the “agree” box at the bottom of this page. Your comments will be anonymous and you will not be identified with your comments in the exhibition and its associated publications.  If you would like to be identified as the source of your comments, or schedule a formal interview to share information relevant to this project, or have photographs of interest to the project you should visit the “Contact Us” page and complete the form.

Length of Participation: The length of your participation in any phase of the project is for you to decide.

Risks of participation in this study are minimal: Potential risks from participation in this study are minimal. Participants may face criticism from members of their community if remarks that they find objectionable are attributed to participants.  Attribution might result from a participant’s decision to be identified by name in published reports or from community members’ ability to identify participants based on information other than their name.

While there are no direct benefits from participating in this project you will contribute to the documentation and preservation of community history.

Compensation: You will not be reimbursed for your time and contributions to this study.

Confidentiality: In published reports, there will be no information included that will make it possible to identify you without your permission. Research records will be stored securely and only approved researchers will have access to the records.

The OU Institutional Review Board may inspect and/or copy records from this project for quality assurance and data analysis.

Voluntary Nature of the Study: Participation in this project is voluntary. If you withdraw or decline participation, you will not be penalized or lose benefits or services unrelated to the project. If you decide to participate, you may decline to answer any question and may choose to withdraw at any time.

Future Communications: If you would like to learn more about this project or to discuss additional participation in the project please visit the “contact us” page and complete the form.  By providing your contact information you are granting permission to be contacted by the researcher.

Please declare your willingness to participate in this project:

 The University of Oklahoma is an equal opportunity institution.

3 Responses to Informed Consent

  1. Margaret Sisk says:

    My grandmother was “married off.” They got her out of high school. I’ve never seen pictures because my mother’s things were stolen. After my mother died at the age of 59, in 1992, I visited her aunt and told me a story about that arranged marriage. She was my great grandfather’s youngest sister. They had a foot race and the prize was a car. She won the foot race, but her brother wouldn’t let her have the car. He wanted it and since she was 14 or so she couldn’t drive it. She was still a lil mad about that. My mother had been to an arranged marriage and was given a team of mules with the gear to them too. She was a lil girl at the time. I wish I knew more.


  2. Kathleen Maker says:

    My late husband’s (James Anthony Maker) father, James Maker, was married off when he was like 16 years old to a Morrell woman, even tho they never consumated their marriage; that’s what he had told me. Sorry I don’t know more. Kathleen Maker


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