About this Project

This site is part of a larger research collaboration between the Sam Noble Museum, University of Oklahoma and the Osage Tribal Museum, Osage Nation.  We are working to develop a museum exhibition and book on Osage Weddings in the early nineteenth century and the incorporation of certain elements from the material culture of these weddings into the “Paying for the Drum” ceremonies of the modern Elonshka Dances. We have been working for the past three years to gather photographs, oral histories, film footage, scholarly papers and newspaper accounts to develop the materials for the exhibition and catalog.

One of our on-going efforts is to identify the people, places, and dates for the more than 100 photographs that we have collected in our research. On October 23, 2014 approximately 85 people gathered at the Osage Tribal Museum for an evening of photographs and Osage history as we worked to identify photographs and discuss the exhibition project.  Following that event we decided to create this site to provide opportunities for greater participation by community members and continued research.  We invite you to explore the site, share your thoughts and contribute to the development of the exhibition.

3 Responses to About this Project

  1. Charli Rector Riddle says:

    My parents was in the paper in Tulsa and Pawhuska for the last of the bartered bride. CHARLES RECTOR and GEORGIA MERRELL


  2. Charli Rector Riddle says:



  3. Floyd Shaw says:

    Excellent idea to do this now while the information
    is still available! Otherwise history can be lost!!


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